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From Acne to Clear Skin: Real Tretinoin before and After Stories You Have to See
28 Feb 2023

From Acne to Clear Skin: Real Tretinoin before and After Stories You Have to See

Tretinoin is an excellent skincare product that comprises plenty of benefits.


Tretinoin cream helps smooth wrinkles & fine lines. You can also see an even complexion, and supple and smooth skin after using it. Certainly, you will have your before & after stories to experience after using this cream.

You will see pores shrinking visibly and the skin breakouts and blackheads will vanish. It acts as a magic wand for your skincare routine. With tons of acne treatments available in the market, it is difficult to find the best skin care product that suits your skin.

You can consult a skin doctor to ensure that you use the right product. Also, you can research a little to know the best creams for your skin. Tretinoin gel is one of the most effective skin care creams that you would want to know about. In this blog, we will discuss its benefits, side effects, etc., This cream helps treat acne and many other skin problems, dark spots on your face caused by sunburn, or fine wrinkles that come with age.

Well, it will not remove skin problems completely/permanently like deep wrinkles or fine wrinkles that occur due to the aging process or sun damage.


Explore the benefits of this cream for Acne

Offers uniform skin tone

Are you trying to hide your dark spots or suffering from an old ski breakout? Well, this cream speeds up the process of exfoliation giving you a uniform skin tone.

Exfoliates skin

This cream boosts the process of shedding your dead skin cells and replacing them with new cells thereby exfoliating the top layers of your skin. It helps you get uniform, brighter, and smooth skin without using harsh exfoliators like brushes and scrubs. It also helps fade the discoloration of the skin.

Soothes inflammation

Tretinoin reduces the ejection of dead skin cells into hair follicles or pores and reduces inflammation.

Clear away pores

Acne is a skin disease that occurs due to a rise in dead skin cells building inside your pores. The bacteria developing inside the pores can cause acne. This cream discards the dead skin cells much before they develop into acne.

Boosts production of collagen

The production of collagen in your dermis helps it look young, plump, and tight. With age, it slows down, and also the damage is caused due to the sun reducing the collagen supply. This cream boosts collagen production in your skin within a couple of weeks after using it.

Decreases acne scars

Apart from increasing collagen production in your skin, this cream also activates the remodeling of collagen to offer a smooth appearance to textured scars and pitted scars in acne.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

If you want to reverse the process of the formation of wrinkles and fine lines other than fighting acne, this cream is a great option. It is one of the best topical treatments that help decrease fine lines. You can view the visible difference in your skin before and after using this cream. You will also have your own story to tell about this cream.


What is the correct way of using this gel?

When it comes to using Tretinoin cream, it is better to use it in less quantity. Remember, this is not an ointment that you just need to coat all over the face.

Breastfeeding and pregnant ladies or ladies planning pregnancy should not use this cream. Also, do not use this cream. If your skin is sensitive or has a skin condition that you are getting treatment for without speaking to a skin specialist.

  • Use this cream at night
  • Take the cream in pea-size quantity
  • You can use the dotting technique to apply even film of the product all over the face.

If you have dry skin, you will experience more dryness when you use this cream. So, you should a heavy moisturizer or you can include a hydrating toner/serum into your skincare regime.

What to expect from this cream during the initial days of use?

Just like any other skincare treatment, you need to be patient and give time to see results. You may face side effects of this cream too. But, also would get healthier and smoother skin.

How long it will take for this cream to work?

When using this cream during the night only, many people got results in 6 weeks. If you are using it every 2 to 3 days, you will start getting results in 10 weeks.

When used weekly, it can take 3 months to get results. Every individual skin is different so the results can vary.

What are the side effects I may get after using Tretinoin Cream?

In the initial weeks, you may see side effects like peeling, flaking, irritation, and sensitivity as your skin is getting habitual to this new cream. If you are suffering from acne, you may see getting rid of it when current acne creates surfaces at a higher speed because of elevated cell turnover. The above side effects stay for a short period and can be reduced with proper care.

How to manage the side effects of this cream?

To get the maximum benefits of this cream and manage its side effects, some of the useful tips stated below can help you.

  • Start with lesser amounts and if you are a beginner to this skin care formula, start with fewer amounts every 3rd Once you get used to this cream, increase the use a bit to match your skin and your skin goals.
  • Remember, using this cream in a higher concentration is not advisable. It can irritate your skin. You can consult your skin doctor to understand the right amount and frequency for its application.
  • A pea-sized quantity is always better.
  • Apply skin moisturizer & sunscreen while using this cream.


Embrace an effective skincare routine with a custom Tretinoin serum

Using this cream comes with visible benefits and you will have your experience to tell before and after using this cream.

Visit your skin doctor, and discuss your skin issues before using this cream. This cream is formulated by dermatologists for all skin types.  This cream will help feel young and get rid of acne, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It will make you confident and combat most skin issues. Including this cream in your skincare routine can help add a product that you can rely on. 

Tretinoin can create wonders for your skincare. If you want to use it for erasing pigmentation or fine lines, try with a small amount. Make sure you take care of your skin by using sunscreen. You need to show patience to see the results of this cream.

Try to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen too. Also, continue using sunscreen to avoid sun damage while using this cream as this cream makes your skin prone to sunburn.


Tretinoin is a wonderful first-line skin treatment for acne that offers long-term results. This cream treats acne, prevents scars that appear due to acne, and treats hyperpigmentation. The best candidates for this cream are people with tolerant or oily skin.



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